• Canine Influenza Outbreak In MN
    Canine influenza What is it? A highly contagious respiratory infection of dogs caused by an Influenza A virus. The first strain in the United States was identified in 2004 and a subsequent Read more
  • Pumpkin Spice and Everything Spooky!
    Halloween is near and with it comes tricks and treats. Below is a list of things to be aware of to avoid any unwanted scares this season! Be sure that your Read more
  • Do I need to vaccinate for Leptospirosis?
    First, let’s talk about Leptospirosis as a disease. It is a bacterial infection of the internal organs that can be fatal if not treated, in dogs and people can catch Read more
  • What Should I Feed My Pet?
    This question is one of the most commonly asked in our office. Unfortunately, there is no simple answer because every pet is different. Certain diets will work very well for Read more
  • Launching Tomorrow! Free Shipping on Hill’s Pet Foods.
    In partnership with Hill’s Pet Nutrition, we are now able to offer this fantastic new program to all of our customers! You can now have your Hill’s pet food delivered right Read more
  • Therapeutic Laser - Pain Relief Alternative
    The Prior Lake Pet Hospital is proud to offer the using a therapeutic laser to help heal our patients – Inflamed tissue, Degenerate joints, Scarred, Post-Surgical areas, and generally Read more
  • Give thanks, but not while at the Emergency Vet!
    As you bake, baste, and sauté your way into a delicious Thanksgiving, make sure you are not offering your pets your tasty scraps that could be toxic to them! Here is Read more
  • American Red Cross Blood Drive NEXT WEEK!
    We are excited to partner with American Red Cross to host a blood drive right here at Prior Lake Pet Hospital on November 5th from noon to 6pm! Please sign up Read more
  • Acupuncture for my dog?!?!
    Acupuncture, along with other physical medical modalities like physical therapy, conditioning, laser and chiropractic care is becoming more common for canine (and feline) patients! Conditions commonly treated with acupuncture: musculoskeletal conditions, Read more
  • Canine Influenza
    Canine Influenza *Photo by Will Marlow 1. What is canine influenza? Canine influenza (CI), or dog flu, is a highly contagious respiratory infection caused by influenza A virus. The causative canine influenza Read more
  • Easter Pet Poisons
    Easter is just around the corner! The holiday brings happy thoughts of Spring along with some new items into the home that my pose risks for your pets. Here are Read more
  • Fun Stuff For Pets and Their People
     If you were recently perusing Amazon, and stumbled across a t-shirt that says “crazy cat lady” with a picture of a cat wearing glasses, and you almost considered ordering it Read more
  • Better to Prevent Than Treat
    If you’ve been to the clinic lately, or follow us on Facebook, you may have seen that we are now offering Wellness Plans for your pets preventative care. It’s important Read more


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Read What Our Clients Say

  • "You guys were the best!!! Supportive, caring and honest. I was in an emotional state with my dog and if you would have asked for $1000 I would have said yes! Instead, you gave me Cost effective options that I was able to afford. Finn is getting better because of your wonderful and caring staff! THANK YOU!!!"
    - Carolyn
  • "Our visit was great. Koda is usually so freaked out at the vet but Dr Albright was great. Koda loved him."
    - Beth P.
  • "We trust PLPH with our "kids"! Super professional and caring."
    - David D.
  • "We trust you with our "kids"! Super professional and caring."
    - Mary A.
  • "Love that Dr S cares fir Boomer as a valued pet in spite of his 16.5 yr old age. He also does a great job balancing care and cost with Boomers age. Techs are all super kind and caring. Love this place!"
    - Judy M.
  • "Thanks for the hospitality. It made me more comfortable knowing the staff and the vet actually seemed to care and didn’t treat it as job. They have passion for their job it’s not a do my time and go home mentality. Thanks again for everything!"
    - Ryan E.